Kamis, 17 Desember 2009

Promote Your Blog Using Web Directory

There are many ways of introducing our blog. Almost bloggers say that writing the original content is a good way to get backlinks. It means that we write the content not just copy and paste. Content must be charm and useful, so the readers will visit our blog again. Writing the original and interesting content will make our blog get backlinks automatically.

Another effective way is using the web directory. A blog requires web directory to promote it. The way in promoting your blog is to register your blog to web directories, both local and international. This is very useful for you in promoting your blog and so quick Google indexed. Maybe you should do this technique so that your blog is more support and participate in the competition or contest SEO.

There are some types of web directories. You can choose the one suitable with the content of your blog, such as business web directory. You can also choose whether free web directory or paid web directory.

The most important thing is you should submit your blog in SEO friendly web directory in order to get more traffic. For the first, you can try Yahoo Directory or DMOZ. There are so many criteria how the search engine ranks your sites for specific keywords or search words. One of them contains a link to your website. Page ranks from this site directly related to the number of quality links. Every webmasters need a good rank in Search Engine, for instance Google and Yahoo. The web directory is very useful to realize it.