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Get Better Page Rank With Web Directory

Google as one of the major search engines is using certain standard to assess the quality of a website. This is what we know as Google Page Rank. The better the page rank of our website, the better our website position on Google search results.

In Page Rank system, one of the assessment‘s elements is the number of incoming link (inbound links) into a web. The more inbound links, the better quality of our website according to search engine. Thus, our websites will have a chance to appear in the front page of search results.

Imagine the benefits that we gain if our websites appear in the front page of search results, our website traffics will certainly increase. I think every website needs traffic, because overflow traffic will give additional revenue to the website’s owner. Especially if You use the website as ecommerce.

There are several ways that we can do to increase the amount of traffic and inbound links, including the link exchange and leaving comments on the do follow web. Another way is submitting websites to web directories. I think it is a very good way because web directory is a party that connects the article on the web with search engines like Google, Yahoo, MSN and other search engines.

According to that article, there are free web directories and paid ones. Actually, we don’t to rush to use a paid web directory. You can try to submit articles on free web directories. Here are some free web directories with their Page Rank:

www.bloglines.com PR 9
technorati.com PR 8
www.blogcatalog.com PR7
www.blogdigger.com PR 7
www.blogpulse.com PR 7
www.blogtoplist.com PR 6
And many others.

One of the do follow web directories is Reddit.com. Every links that you submit to the directory will be calculated by the Search Engine, so it will increase your traffic and inbound links. Okay, if you want to get better Page Rank, I think you should try this method now.

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