Senin, 19 November 2012

Rapsberry Stitches

Today, I tried the Raspberry Stitch knitting stitch. Here I share the pattern so you can try it.

Cast on a multiple of 4 stitches and add two stitches, eg 4 x 3: 12 +2 = 14 stitches.

This time just for testing, I used cotton yarn and 3.5 mm needles, cast on 18 stitches (4 x 4 + 2)

Rows 1 and 3: Purl

Row 2: K1, * (K1, P1, K1) in the next st, P3tog,  repeat from * until only one stitch, K1 (number of lines must be kept 18 stitches)

Line 4: K1, * P3tog, (K1, P1, K1) in the next st, repeat from * until only one stitch, K1 (number of lines must be kept 18 stitches)

Repeat rows 1 through 4 until desired length
This pattern is suitable laneways made ​​scarves, and even better if you use yarn with raspberry color (dark pink)

Good luck

Rabu, 14 Maret 2012

Single Pointed Knitting Needle

Halloo, bloggers, craftsman, and especially, knitters, I 'm just received an email asking about the knitting tools.
She asked, what the differences between Single Pointed Needle, Double Pointed Needle, Circular Needle and Cable Needle. Then, I'm thinking to post on my blog about each knitting tools, one by one.

Now, I want to introduce you: Single Pointed Knitting Needle. Look at the picture below. 
Single Pointed Knitting Needle

Selasa, 13 Maret 2012

Handknitted Baby Hairband

Hello, moms, Now, I sell the handknitted baby wear and accessories for your little ones. You can check them out on this blog or visit my Facebook Please feel free to contact me by inbox FB or email if you have any question. You can also see our collection on my Facebook fan page:

Now, I'm posting my new collection of Handknitted Baby Hairband. They are 100 % handmade. The material I use is Cotton yarn. So, you will get the soft and interested collor of them. For the application, I use felt, to create the cute ones, you can see on the photos below, there are frog, duck, cow, lion, mushrooms, and butterfly. I will add many more. I will be happy to hear from you moms, if you have any idea about my stuff. I can't wait for your visit.
Bandana Rajut untuk Bayi Rp15.000/pc atau Rp40.000/3 pcs

Bandana Rajut untuk Bayi Rp15.000/pc atau Rp40.000/3pcs